Migration of SCADA/DCS systems to the SOA cloud (bibtex)
by Delsing, Jerker, Carlsson, Oscar, Arrigucci, Fredrik, Bangemann, Thomas, Christian Hübner, Colombo, Armando Walter, Nappey, Philippe, Bony, Bernard, Karnouskos, Stamatis, Nessaether, Johan and Kyusakov, Rumen
J. Delsing, O. Carlsson, F. Arrigucci, T. Bangemann, C. Hübner, A. W. Colombo, P. Nappey, B. Bony, S. Karnouskos, J. Nessaether, R. Kyusakov, "Migration of SCADA/DCS systems to the SOA cloud", in Industrial Cloud-based Cyber-Physical Systems, Springer, 2014.
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